Griffin Mfg. Co. Inc. is a manufacturer for the sportswear industry. Learn more about Griffin Mfg. Co. Inc.
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fleece bolts
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  • Domestic production with 100 sewers
  • Costa Rica factory and sourcing office with 807 and CBI importing experience
  • Access to 200+ sewers in Costa Rica through existing contractor alliances
  • International sourcing options in Asia and Middle East
  • 200 to 2,000 piece minimums
  • Unlimited range of capabilities. Our current production includes:

Griffin USA
125,000 sq ft. headquarters houses management, cutting, embroidery, warehousing and sewing.
200 employees
190 sewing machines
6 flatlock stitch machines
3 automatic cutting machines
In-house embroidery
In-house heat transfer

International Manufacturing
Relationships with worldwide factories that produce knit tops and bottoms, woven bottoms, denim, and casual and technical outerwear. Detailed factory information available upon request.