Griffin Mfg. Co. Inc. is a manufacturer for the sportswear industry. Learn more about Griffin Mfg. Co. Inc.
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Griffin Costa Rican factory
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Located in southeastern Massachusetts, just one hour from Boston, Griffin Manufacturing owns and occupies the Pepperell Mill building. All full package projects are managed from this facility and placed in the appropriate factory, USA, Costa Rica or Asia.

Our headquarter's open floor plan, covering 3 floors allows for efficient management of design, cutting, manufacturing, embroidery, and warehousing/exporting operations. The clean, safe and professional work atmosphere we maintain emphasizes our commitment to delivering top quality sewn products to our clients.


Griffin has established and maintains relationships with factories throughout Asia, including Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, and Sri Lanka. Our factory base offers a diverse range of capabilities including knits, woven bottoms and shirts as well as technical outerwear. Griffin qualifies all its factories and oversees quality of all delivered product.