Griffin Mfg. Co. Inc. is a manufacturer for the sportswear industry. Learn more about Griffin Mfg. Co. Inc.
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Factory Profile

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Production Overview

Griffin Manufacturing offers multiple production options, including domestic and offshore sourcing, to best align price, capacity, and turn time to meet each client's full package requirements.

Central America Manufacturing
Griffin combines the best of offshore production with the benefits of domestic management to capitalize on the financial advantages of 807 and Caribbean Basin Initiative (CBI) programs. We operate factories and maintain a contractor base in the Costa Rica with all components shipping from our USA headquarters for maximum control over the entire process.

Domestic Manufacturing
Griffin's domestic facility operates more automated cutting equipment than any cutter in the northeast. The knowledge and experience of our sewing engineers, quality assurance specialists and production planners is incorporated through- out the production of each garment. The skill level of our sewers, combined with our factory layout allows reasonable production minimums without sacrificing quality and efficiency.